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The Value of Value

Rajkham Builders are trend setters in value maximization, exploiting the advantages of working along with key building material contractors in an endeavor to reduce costs without compromising on the quality and affording great value to home buyers. Their cost-saving strategies throughout the project cycle and dissemination of accurate updating of information have been lauded by home buyers as well as others in the industry.



Mr. Veerarajan Thursday, Aug 03, 2017

Akash Ganga -

We are really very happy to be a part of Rajkham family. We are satisfied with the project and the relationship that we had with...

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Dr. K. Srihari Babu Thursday, Aug 03, 2017

Aaditya -

This is to apperciate M/S.RAJKHAM BUILDERS, for his excellent co-ordination, commitment, professionalism and sincerity showed in...

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Mr. Karthik Ramamoorthy Thursday, Aug 03, 2017

Vaikkunth Garden -

It has been a wonderful experience for me for the past one year. From the time of booking house No.19, 20A in November 2009...

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Mrs. Nirimala Louis Thursday, Aug 03, 2017

Anurithi -

Rajkham Builders is not just a builder who make concrete jungle. He has made a home for us where peace and harmony last forever. I...

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Mr. Krish Karthick Thursday, Aug 03, 2017

Orchid -

It's been pleasure to rite this email and also it was always a pleasure having started the venture with Rajkham Builders.I...

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Mr. C. Vallinayagam Thursday, Aug 03, 2017

Akash Ganga -

I am very happy in buying a flat from Rajkham Builders at Pallikaranai. Right from the day i visited i have been very pleasantly...

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Mr.Neeraj S John Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

I bought the flat from Rajkham Builders in Pallikaranai. The flat was completed on scheduled time and experience with the builders was very...

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Mr. Rene AROULANDA Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

I Rene AROULANDA proudly declare that, I am one of the owners of your project at 30 Khan Street, Choolaimedu, I am very much satisfied on your...

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Mr.Harish N S Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

I am happy to have taken a project at Rajkham Builders Akash Ganga, Pallikaranai. The team has been very professional throughout. I highly...

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Mr.Prasanna P V V Monday, Mar 20, 2017

When I was looking for my first investment to be bought, I had a lot of things to be taken into account starting from the creditability of the...

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